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Uplights up lighters and indirect wall lights

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If you’re looking to add depth to your interior design then a great way to do it is with uplights. Whilst they have been around since the 70s, they are becoming a home décor must-have once more, as they allow you to illuminate a room effectively with subtle lighting in different areas for greater flexibility.

At Franklite, we have an impressive selection of uplights for sale, which are suitable for use throughout your home or even in commercial settings like offices; making even the sparsest of spaces look rich and inviting.

The Wonders of Uplights

With uplights there are endless design possibilities available. They can be used as the sole light sources in a space or combined with ceiling lights, table lamps or floor lamps depending on what your lighting requirements and preferences are.

The uplight offers a different tone of lighting, as the design directs the majority of the light upwards and away from the floor, rather than downwards. This allows you to create points of interest on blank walls and vast spaces, whether you have them positioned close to the floor to illuminate pieces of decoration and artwork or you locate them closer to head height to light more of the area.

With modern uplight designs, you will also find you can have the best of both worlds, as many incorporate a downward light direction too, like this contemporary Ceramic Uplighter. Whilst most of the light will still go upwards, there is also a portion of it that will go downwards, which provides additional illumination to the areas below.

Uplighter Benefits

Of course, uplighters can be used in a wide range of different environments, as living room lights to hallways and offices. The key to their versatility is that they can be positioned wherever you need the light to be and as they diffuse more light upwards rather than downwards, it will create a subtle lighting effect that isn’t too harsh.

This is particularly important if you’re using uplights in a working environment where you don’t want the light directly falling onto a specific area. In office environments with computers, if the light is too bright or directed onto the screens, it can create glare, whereas the design and light direction of uplights should minimise this, improving screen visibility.

The other key benefit of uplighters, UK and worldwide, is that there is now a great deal of choice of uplights for sale. You can go for a more traditional and understated look with something like the Vetross Uplighter with Glass that comes in a wide choice of colours and different sizes. However, if you’re looking for more of a decorative piece to add to your walls and give illumination, we offer a number of Ceramic Uplighter options that will look great with any colour scheme and add a point of interest.

With Franklite, you can discover new ways to illuminate your workspace or home with uplights in a whole host of different styles and designs.
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